Guardian roof benefits

Replacing Your Conservatory Roof

For the majority of people, the space a conservatory provides is a welcome addition to their house, however all too often they find the space either too hot, too cold or too noisy particularly when it rains.

By and large the main issue is down to the roof, so by replacing the existing roof with our stylish Guardian™ conservatory roof you will not just improve the appearance of your conservatory, you now have a fully insulated & soundproofed roof that is exactly what you always wanted.

Rapid Installation

Installed by our own Team Guardian approved installers, the whole conservatory roof transformation only takes a few days and is completed with minimum disruption to your home.

Engineered for Quality

Each Guardian Roof is engineered precisely to your individual requirements and pre-assembled under controlled factory conditions to ensure the highest quality before delivery to site.

Energy Efficient

It has been independently proven that a Guardian Warm Roof can save you money on your energy bills, using high performance insulation that achieves a superior U-value of only 0.18 W/m.K (England & Wales) and 0.15 W/m.K (Scotland).

Reduces Noise & Sun Glare

Your new room will be quiet and comfortable all year round as any rain / weather noise will be eliminated. The Guardian Roof also significantly reduces sun glare, which in turn prevents sun bleaching to fixtures and fittings, removing the need to fit blinds to the windows of your conservatory.

Temperature Control

A Guardian Warm Roof regulates the temperature of your conservatory to ensure it's a pleasant temperature whatever the season. The high-performance insulation guarantees lifetime thermal performance, ensuring your room is economical to heat.

Complete Peace of Mind

The Guardian Roof is a superb system and we offer a full insurance backed 10 year guarantee when installed in accordance with the official Guardian Roof Installation Guide. The Guardian Warm Roof System is LABC approved.

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With Building Control approval, internal dividing doors or walls can be removed to provide an open lining space.